ATAGS Towed Artillery Gun System ready for Production

The 155mm by 52 calibre Advanced Towed Artillery Cannon System (ATAGS), which was designed for the Indian Army domestically, has finished all major trials and is prepared to go into production when the Indian Army chooses the best gun, according to DRDO Chairman G Satheesh Reddy.

Private Companies Based on the DRDO design, Tata Advanced Systems Limited and Bharat Forge have created several different ATAGS variations. Both of these weapons have undergone thorough testing and satisfy the preliminary service quality requirements established by the Indian Army.

At its Pokhran field firing ranges in Rajasthan, northern India, earlier this year, ATAGS successfully demonstrated the dependability and performance of the gun system during Preliminary Service Quality Requirements trials. By the end of the year, a request for proposals will be made, making it finally obvious which model of the firearm will go into production.

Tata and Bharat Forge will both be involved in the production of the ATAGS guns, but a sizable portion of the order will go to the ATAGS version that has been approved for production by the Indian Army. The other company will participate in the program as a Junior Partner to supply some of the components and also manufacture the ATAGS version that has been approved by the Army.
The initial 150 ATAGS to be enlisted by the Indian Army are expected to cost approximately Rs 3365 crore, which will be shared between Tata and Bharat Forge. Army needs 1,580 of these weapons on a long-term basis.

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