At the Drone Mahotsav, Raphe mPhibr displays an Ambulance drone

A start-up situated in Noida At the Drone Mahotsav, Raphe mPhibr Pvt. Ltd. displayed a variety of products, including the Ambulance drone, which the business claims may be used for casevac in HADR-like scenarios while monitoring vitals and delivering first aid. According to, the Ambulance drone was developed in partnership with the DRDO. The Ambulance drone has a cargo capacity of 120kg and is fitted with medical equipment such as an oxygen cylinder, spo2, and blood pressure monitor to keep track of the patient’s vitals while in transportation. The ambulance drone will be equipped with safety features to ensure the patient’s safety while in route.

Drone ambulances can be utilised at high elevations and in cold climates where heliborne evacuation is not possible owing to topography. The range of the ambulance drone is 10 kilometres to the target region and 10 kilometres back to the base. The ambulance drone’s autonomous functioning eliminates human mistake and streamlines the process.

The company has completed internal trials of the ambulance drone using a fake humanoid payload and is awaiting government approval to showcase it in a real-world scenario. Raphe mPhibr has already received orders for 48 mR-20 logistics drones, which can carry up to 20 kg of cargo in high-altitude zones, and 100 hexacopter drones for the Armoured Corps.

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