At the Drone Mahotsav, BDL displays an Armed Quadcopter

At the present Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022 in New Delhi, public sector business Bharat Dynamics Limited is showing an Armed Quadcopter. The quadcopter may carry a number of payloads and be utilised for a variety of military and tactical purposes, such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, detection, and tracking of ground targets. The quadcopter can be equipped with an Anti Armour missile with a range of one kilometre, or it can drop a 1kg or 3.5kg class bomb on enemy troop concentrations or soft skinned vehicles.

Armed Quadcopter

An unmanned rotorcraft, autopilot, ground control unit, and payloads make up the quadcopter system. The rotorcraft, which has four rotors and uses a coaxial rotor layout, is made of carbon fibre composites. The VTOL capabilities of the drone allows it to take off and land vertically. It weighs only 4.5kg and has a flight altitude of 1500 metres.

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