Astra UC Launcher, Brahmos-NG for Brazilian Gripen, Do-228 STEC 4000R AutoPilot

DRDO developing Astra UC Launcher for Air to Air Missiles

To ensure compatibility of a single launcher across the existing platforms of the Indian Air Force, DRDO has taken up the Design and Development of a Astra UC Launcher (Unified Common Launcher) for Air to Air Missiles which is compatible across the platforms. Missiles are generally not mounted directly to an aircraft, but rather are mounted to launchers that are fixed to the aircraft. In this manner, the missile can be launched from the launcher, while the launcher remains fixed to the aircraft.

As the Astra Family grows, new versions of Air to Air missiles will be heavier and longer in their dimension owing to enhanced capability. Reconfigurable attachment points will ensure that the same launcher will be able to mount on multiple platforms. Unified Common Launcher for Air to Air Missile will also have reconfigurable attachment points, that will ensure, that the same launcher will be able to mount on multiple platforms. New Unified Common Launcher will be compatible with both, Rail launched (Astra Mk1) and Ejector launched (Astra Mk2/Mk3) Air to Air missiles.

Astra UC Launcher

BrahMos-NG for Brazilian Airforce Gripen-E Fighter jets?

Later this month, a large official and business delegation is heading to the South American nation Brazil, to explore the possibilities of joint production and joint development of various defense weapons and platforms. Brazilian Air Force has recently started taking deliveries of the Gripen-E fighters from Swedish firm SAAB, and is keen on having talks with India’s DRDO on the possibility of it acquiring BrahMos-NG (New Generation) version of the short range, ramjet supersonic cruise missile, that is under development for the LCA Tejas Mk1A and Mk2 program.


Several countries from the region have sought more information about the Indo Russian BrahMos missile and Brazil seems to be interested in the BrahMos-NG that DRDO plans to start developmental trials from 2024 onwards. Indian Air Force backed BrahMos-NG program will be used, to be equipped across the fighter fleet since it weighs only 1.5 tons and LCA Tejas Mk1A can carry too BrahMos-NG that can be used to take out targets on sea and ground.

Genesys AeroSystems to provide Autopilot system for HAL’s Hindustan-228

Genesys Aero systems announced that it has been selected by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for its HINDUSTAN-228 aircraft to provide the STEC 4000R Autopilot System. The STEC 4000R Autopilot integrates seamlessly with the existing Genesys cockpit on the aircraft today.

It adds additional advanced functions not previously available in the HAL manufactured commuter aircraft fleet, expanding its mission profile and increasing operational safety. These features include: Vertical Navigation, Envelope Protection and Alerting, Straight and Level Recovery Mode, Search and Rescue capabilities, & many others.

HAL’s efforts with the STEC 4000R autopilot system will introduce the latest digital autopilot system on the HINDUSTAN-228 platform and will add additional features & enhanced safety to HINDUSTAN-228 aircraft. The program will also include more than 20 years of additional support to the platform.

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