Asraam-Astra air to air missiles before 2024 for Tejas Mk1A

Before beginning the first batch of improved Tejas Mk1A deliveries in 2024, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited intends to complete developmental testing of the Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile Within Visual range air to air missile and Astra Mk1 Beyond Visual range air to air missile.

Both missiles have successfully completed their carriage and captive trials, and soon both missiles will undergo developmental cum user tests to provide Tejas Mk1A’s air to air configuration more fighting punch. Tejas Mk1A has already been given permission to use the Israeli Derby Extended Range. Python-5 air-to-air missiles that are within visual range and air-to-air missiles that are beyond visual range.

The inclusion of the Astra Mk1 and Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile will strengthen its missile arsenal and make it more challenging for adversaries to engage it in dogfights. Additionally, DRDO is creating the 340km and 160km Astra Mk3 models, which will be introduced soon once they are prepared for production.

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