As the Indian Navy launches indigenous warships in Mumbai, Rajnath says it’s time to “Make-for-World”

At the launch of the Indian Navy indigenous warships INS Surat and frigate INS Udaygiri in Mumbai on Tuesday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasised India’s commitment to indigenous shipbuilding. “We shall aim towards Make-for-World as well as Make-in-India,” Singh stated. “There’s no question we’ll do shipbuilding not only for India but also for the rest of the globe,” Singh remarked after the successful launch of the INS ‘Udaygiri’ and INS ‘Surat’.

We shall strive for Make-in-India as well as Make-for-World. The Indian Navy’s two capital warships were launched simultaneously at Mumbai’s Mazagaon Dock Ltd, planned by the Directorate of Naval Design (DND) and built fully by MDL (MDL). The stealth destroyer ‘Surat’ is the fourth and last ship in the ‘Project 15B’ programme.

‘Udaygiri,’ the second ship, is part of the ‘Project 17A’ frigate programme. A ship’s first entry into water is referred to as a launch. Last week, an Indian Navy official said, “The nation will witness a momentous occasion in the history of indigenous warship building when two frontline warships of the Indian Navy will be launched concurrently at Mazagaon Docks Limited in Mumbai on May 17.”

In 2021, the first ship in this class was commissioned. The second and third ships have sailed and are in various phases of testing. The ship is named after the Udaygiri mountain range in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the third frigate of Project 17A. These are the successors to the Shivalik Class P-17 Frigates, featuring increased stealth, advanced weapons and sensors, and platform management systems. The Directorate of Naval Design designed both the 15B and P-17A ships in-house.

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