Army Chief checks out Gaurav LRGB & UL-PGM made by Adani Defence

At the Adani defence booth, General Manoj Pande, the Chief of the Army Staff, could be seen inspecting Gaurav LRGB, a one ton long-range glide bomb with a 100-kilometer range and created by the Research Center Imarat of the DRDO.

Gaurav LRGB

Gaurav, the nation’s first locally created long range glide bomb was first tested in 2021 from a Sukhoi-30 fighter jet over Balasore, Odisha.

A non-winged 500 kilogramme version, known as Gautam, was also created by DRDO and tested for the first time in 2019. It has a range of 30 km. Additionally, an Ultra Light Precision Guided Munition that the DRDO created for the Armed UAV programme is on display.

The Gaurav Long Range Glide Bomb will be produced by the private sector business Adani Defense.

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