Armenia Interested In Purchase of Indian Military Drones

A defence delegation from Armenia visited India to look at the possibilities of purchasing combat drones and other weapons made in India. When the team visited with Indian officials last month, the Mumbai-based news service claimed this week that they “came prepared with a shopping list.” It stated that drones “figured heavily on the list,” citing an anonymous official.

No more information about the talks was provided by the internet publisher. It didn’t mention whether the two sides came to any agreements either. On Friday, the Armenian Defense Ministry declined to comment on reports that one of its representatives had visited India or on Armenia’s broader interest in Indian military equipment. In an effort to strengthen their relationship, India and Armenia are talking about “long term” military cooperation, according to a senior official from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs who visited Yerevan earlier this month.

The session’s co-chair, Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, identified “defence and military technical cooperation” as one of the “extremely promising” topics for our countries. On the sidelines of an international conference conducted in India in April, Mirzoyan spoke with Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the foreign minister of India. In the past eight months, they had met three times in person. Last October, Jaishankar travelled to Armenia.

According to, “India sees Armenia not just as a friend but also as a helpful counterweight to Turkey, whose President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been particularly aggressive on the Kashmir issue and implemented a variety of policies hostile to India.” It was underlined that Pakistan, India’s fiercest adversary, is aligned with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Throughout the 2020 Armenian-Azerbaijani war for Nagorno-Karabakh, Pakistan backed Azerbaijan vehemently.

India, on the other hand, has supported the Karabakh peace initiatives led by the US, Russia, and France. In a border dispute that started in May 2021 between Armenia and Azerbaijan, it has supported Armenia. The Indian foreign ministry urged Baku to “draw out forces promptly and cease any further provocation” in a statement that was released at the time.

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