Anti Tank Guided Missile based WhAP Vehicle fast tracked

A prototype rollout for the anti-tank guided missile vehicle programme, which is based on the eight-wheeled armoured fighting vehicles descended from the WhAP may be ready by the middle of 2023, according to information recently received.

The NAG anti tank missile will be the primary weapon of the anti tank guided missile vehicle. Six missiles are ready to launch from the launcher, which also has high-end optics and the capacity to store four more. The crew of the Anti Tank Guided Missile Vehicle will also be protected from small arms fire and shell splinters by armour and smoke grenade launchers for self-defense.

With a 4km range and an imaging infrared seeker, the third generation NAG fire and forget class ATGM ensures great target accuracy in both top and front attack modes.

Earlier this year, the Indian Army received the first batch of Infantry Protected Vehicles (IPMV), a basic WhAP derivative produced by Tata Advanced Systems Limited at a plant in Pune (TASL). Another rumour claims that TASL is developing a third WhAP-based platform to increase India’s firepower at greater altitudes.

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