AMCA’s Metal Cutting For Titanium Bulkhead Launched by HAL CMD

The AMCA airframe will experience greater temperatures in flight on an average than does the LCA airframe. So, relatively higher use of titanium in AMCA aerostructures is perhaps not surprising.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, an Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company, Mr R Madhavan launched the ‘Metal Cutting for Titanium Bulkhead of 5th generation AMCA Aircraft’ as part of technology development at Aircraft Manufacturing Division, Nashik, on 13th July.

AMCA Bulkhead

On the occasion Dr. A K Ghosh, PD (AMCA) ADA, and senior officers from DMRL, ADA, and other Government agencies also present.

Titanium bulkheads of fighter aircraft are typically forged from a single piece of alloy blanks. India currently doesn’t have a forge press of the capacity required to do so.

It is expected that according to the plan, the first prototype rollout of AMCA is expected by 2023 and the first flight by 2024. However, HAL is looking to start production between 2026-28 and full-fledged production will commence by 2029.

The AMCA MK-2 Will feature an Indigenous 125kn trust engine to be developed jointly by DRDO & Safran which is expected to be ready in the next 7-8 years.

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