AMCA and the F-X programme Joint Venture?

AMCA and the F-X programme Collab:

Is Japan considering partnering with India on its F-X stealth aircraft programme?

For the first time, a Japanese publication released new details about Tokyo’s ambitious intentions to supply fighter jets and other lethal weapons to India and 12 other countries. While the story did not specify what is on offer, Japan’s fighter aircraft development programme centred around the domestic development of a sixth generation F-X stealth fighter in collaboration with international partners.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries intends to develop a next-generation fighter to replace Japan’s F-2 fighter jet. The F-X program’s development plan calls for the construction of a prototype in 2024, a first flight in 2028, and service entry in 2035, which is the same timeline India used for its ambitious 5.5 Generation AMCA fighter programme.

F-X Jet

AMCA and the F-X programme Joint Venture?

Because India’s AMCA and Japan’s F-X stealth programmes have taken parallel paths and there has been no previous cooperation between the two programmes, there are few chances for the systems and subsystems to be integrated. India has created a formidable aerospace ecosystem as a result of the Tejas Mk1 programme, which it will improve upon after the Mk-too programme is completed, as well as plans for the creation of a Naval 4.5 Generation TEDBF programme before AMCA becomes a reality.

Japan already has advanced avionics and aerospace electronic systems of its own, and it is frequently the first to present next-generation technologies to the rest of the globe, as well as an advanced airborne weapons programme. Both programmes have already taken different roots, with limited options for further collaboration, at least on the engine front.

Japan’s IHI Corporation is reportedly planning to partner with Britain’s Rolls Royce, while India’s GTRE will partner with French Safran for the development of new engines, for their respected programme.

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