After Zircon, Russia’s top commander speaks of Sarmat ICBM Supremacy

According to Col. Gen. Sergei Karakaev, Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, Russia’s newest intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat ICBM is unique and has no counterparts.

“It is vital to discuss the ‘Sarmat’ complex as a unique entity with no parallels in the world today. That is the first step. Second, this is a complex built by Russia’s military-industrial system that presently relies on nothing and will only be operated, maintained, and modified by us in the future,” Karakaev told the Zvezda TV channel.

Sarmat might fly over the North and South Poles, as well as other paths, according to Karakaev, who told Zvezda earlier this month. In the following decades, it will be difficult to develop means of intercepting Sarmat.

One of the reasons Sarmat will be difficult to intercept, according to Karakaev, is that, while having a liquid-propellant rocket, it accelerates virtually as quickly as missiles with lightweight solid rocket motors.

Samrat ICBM

“Because of the new missile system’s high power-to-weight ratio, the trajectory might shift. It is conceivable to create a track via the South Pole, which is now unprotected, if necessary, from our well-known itinerary through the North Pole. “There are also options for other trajectories, such as launching into space,” Karakaev told the Zvezda TV channel.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, the president of Russia’s state-run space agency Roscosmos, Sarmat will be tested throughout this year, with the military receiving the missiles in the fall of 2022.

For the Russian military’s demands, Roscosmos wants to build a total of 46 Sarmat missiles. Sarmat is capable of striking targets at vast ranges utilising a variety of flight paths, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, and is guaranteed to defeat any present or future missile defence systems.


On April 20, the Sarmat missile was tested for the first time. Sarmat will be in service for 50 years, according to Sergei Poroskun, Deputy Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces.

Sarmat is a large missile system with a 200-tonne intercontinental liquid-propellant ballistic missile. The system is designed to replace Russia’s strategic missile forces’ Voevoda missiles (commonly known as Satan).

According to the ministry, Sarmat is capable of hitting targets at vast ranges and employing a variety of flight paths, allowing it to dodge all current and future anti-missile defence systems. Sarmat is expected to strengthen the fighting capability of Russian strategic nuclear weapons by having the longest range of target engagement.

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