African nations are interested in Indian-developed loitering munitions

Numerous African nations have expressed interest in purchasing loitering munitions created by the Indian private sector to satisfy the needs of the Indian Army. These nations have sent inquiries and requests for more information.

Indian-developed loitering munitions are 40% less expensive than imports from European nations and are becoming steadily more reliable than the Chinese ones that a select few African nations had previously brought.

Due to economic sanctions against Russia and tensions between China and many nations, several African nations are turning to Indian private sector enterprises for their needs in small weapons ammunition.

Loiter Munitions

Due to ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Armenia, where loitering weapons and swarm drones have both been crucial to the outcome of the conflict, some African nations have expressed interest in purchasing swarm drones that are being produced locally in India.

With a variety of commercial drones on the market, Indian drone manufacturers have already made inroads into the African continent and have successfully closed deals in industries like mapping and agriculture that were previously dominated mostly by Chinese drone producers.


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