30 LCA Tejas in Single Seat Configuration handed over to Indian AirForce

30 of the 32 single-seater LCA Tejas that the Indian Air Force had bought have been delivered, according to HAL CEO R Madhavan. One aircraft is currently waiting for the customer to take it up, while another is already prepared and will be delivered next month after completing the OEM flight trials.

The LCA Division Production Line has already shifted to producing the 18 LCA Tejas Trainer planes that the IAF requested. HAL anticipates delivering four Trainer aircraft this year and the remaining ones by 2024. In order to advance the programme and ensure that delivery of three Tejas Mk1A begins in 2024 and that the entire order of 73 planes is fulfilled by 2028 to 2029, the second Tejas Mk1A flying Test Bed with all equipment on board will make its first flight at some point in 2023.

According to HAL Chief, the company can now produce 20 LCA-Tejas jets in a fiscal year, but this won’t start happening until Tejas Mk1A production is fully operational in 2025–2026. After HAL closed a new order contract for 83 planes from the IAF, GE recently received new orders for 99 F404-GE-IN20 engines. The IAF will begin receiving new engine deliveries in 2023, and GE expects to finish the entire supply within the next four years.

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